Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
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The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget hosts various events to educate the public about various policy issues. Below is a list of our upcoming, current, and past events.


Feb 11, 2021

Virtual Event: What Can You Do With Reconciliation?

Congress advanced a budget resolution allowing up to $1.9 trillion of additional spending or tax cuts through a process known as budget reconciliation. This powerful tool allows legislation to pass with a simple majority in the Senate, but includes...
Jan 7, 2021

Webinar: What's in the Latest COVID Relief Bill

At the end of December, lawmakers agreed on over $900 billion of COVID relief. It is the fifth major bill enacted in response to the COVID pandemic and economic crisis, and the first since April's Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care...
Dec 16, 2020

Virtual Screening of UnRepresented and Panel Discussion

The pandemic and election exposed deep divisions among the public and raised serious questions about whether our political system is up to the task of addressing the major challenges we face. Along with FixUS, we co-hosted an advance screening...
Oct 9, 2020

Webinar: The Cost of the Trump and Biden Campaign Plans

Whoever is inaugurated on January 20, 2021, will face many fiscal challenges over his term. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget published the only existing comprehensive study to detail and compare the fiscal cost of President Donald...
Sep 24, 2020

Webinar: What's the Long-Term Outlook

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released two new outlooks in September that highlight our nation's unsustainable budget trajectory over the next decade and beyond. From the federal debt reaching almost double the size of the economy by 2050,...